For and against

This blog is for liberty, freedom, First Amendment, U.S. Constitution, science, naturalism, and all policies of governments to uphold these processes and concepts.

This blog is against tyrants, alternative facts, pretenders or posers, bloviating dimwits that hold power, spin, and governments that contain or have these aforementioned people or elements.  Polemic Alert!  At the present, this includes the Trump administration from top to bottom, Fox News, and all right-wing, bat crap crazy Republicans that allowed bloviating dimwits to control the levers of power.  (A few Republicans may find favor in the Pileus Chronicle blog and a couple of members of the Trump administration likewise.)

The state of affairs in this nation has become more horrible than I ever imagined it would be under the Trump administration.  Polemic Alert! off.

As Jefferson once wrote, “I shall not die until life and liberty are on steady advance.”

Let us pledge to steadily advance life and liberty and justice for all.



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